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 All Munich Hotels are offering spezial last minute rates and are located in the city centre of Bavaria Munich Germany.

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This free online booking service is connected with the reception of the appearing hotels. All accommodations are central located and you can reach all places of interest within minutes by foot or by public transport system of Bavaria Munich Germany.   The Hotels all newly renovated in the last couple of years and are all family atmosphere .  Have a look and compare the places to stay with other accommodation in munich you will find in the net. Compare the rates, and you will see that the Hotel rates on this reservartion booking  website have the best last minute rates, due there is no hotel reservation agent or travel agent between you and the Hotel. This means there is no fee or service charge if you make a reservation.


Have a nice vacation in munich munchen munih and find your ideal place to stay in the city centre near central station or near the oktoberfestival or the fairgrounds of Munchen.


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